If you are a store manager having to wrestle with current economic climate, it is easy to see commercial window cleaning as a bit of a luxury.

However if you stop for a moment and consider the issue more closely, you will see that your shop front is most definitely your first point of contact with passers-bys and potential clients. 

As such its main purpose is to attract attention as well as generate the trust and confidence that will eventually lead to a purchase. 

Since your windows are the only separation between the public and the goods on display, their cleanness should be the last thing that shoppers should notice. 

However as they stop to consider your offering, these are the first (and possibly the last) element of your shop that will get looked at and this is precisely where and when dirty windows become detrimental to your business.

 We are fortunate enough to work with a couple of a major of commercial clients in East Sussex, who despite the recession still use our window cleaning services to make their business look at their best.

 “When you work with a brand as famous as Harley-Davidson, presentation is everything. We trust C-Thru for the care of our shop windows as their professionalism gives us the assurance of second-to-none displays.” says Lester T., sales manager at Shaw Harley-Davidson (Lewes).

 Great looking displays will inspire confidence about your products or services and clean, smear-free shop windows are all part of that success.